Puritan and Radical Inquisitors

Attention Agents of the Throne!

By the Authority of the Immortal God-Emperor of Humankind, your service is urgently required in the Tungusk Sector.

Imperial Order within the sector has fallen; the Sector Governor’s Winter Palace stands ablaze, and countless billions of souls teeter on the precipice of lawlessness, recidivism, and ruin.

 The Holy Ordos of the Tungusk Sector have been silent for over a century, and whatever vigilance they once discharged can no longer be said to be upheld. Now is the time for action and for duty, and Lord-Inquisitor Wrathchild has called together the Conclave Nova Tungusk to save the Sector.

Inquisitorial operatives from across the Imperium will be required to remedy this unforgivable failure, and to excise the corruption that has taken root within the sector. Canny investigators will need to comb sites of riots, assassinations, sorcery and worse besides to uncover vital clues that will lead them to the Imperium’s enemies. Shrewd diplomats will need to engage the sector’s nobles and potentates in their deadly dance of intrigue to secure allies and root out traitors. And stalwart warriors must strike against Humanity’s enemies, lest the Conclave Nova Tungusk’s campaign of grim deliverance end in blood, fire and failure.

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