Inquisition Chronicles

This shiny new website is for the new LRP campaign from Conflict Resolution: Inquisition Chronicles. A tale of Inquisitors and their war bands investigating and purging the enemies of the Imperium at the highest level, of brutal gun-play and back alley knife fights, of daemons and heroes, of Puritans and (in the shadows) Radicals.

It’s intended to be a high-power (setting-wise), high lethality, investigation/combat game focused on Inquisitors and their allies. It is intended to be majority cooperative with the non-cooperative elements falling on the Radical/Puritan line. We expect most PCs to be Puritans and Moderates and Radicals will need to be subtle. PvP is allowed, but is expected to be subtle – this is the Inquisition, after all, Inquisition Wars between warbands are fine, but getting caught before the Conclave murdering a fellow Inquisitor is not.

Will you be one of the loyal Throne Agents helping the investigations and getting your hands dirty, or will you be an Inquisitor embroiled in politics while your agents work? Lord-Inquisitor Wrathchild has pulled in agents from across the Ordos to help re-establish an Inquisitorial presence in the sector – why were you called?

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