On the Ordo Xenos

“This is Kill-Team 6 approaching the target. Resistance so far has been heavy, but no losses so far on our end. It would appear that the Xenos are holed up in the fortress. We will report once we are in final position. Let’s burn them all out.” – Loginvar Steamgaze, Champion of the Deathwatch.

Ever since The War of the Beast the Ordo Xenos has stood as a bastion against the insidious works of Xenos of all colours and races. Our sacred duty is to stand against the threat of the Xenos, using whatever means we have at our disposal to ensure the supremacy of Humanity, though of course there are sometimes… disagreements… about how to go about doing so.

Some believe that our job is to exterminate the Xenos, giving them no quarter and that any who deal with them should be destroyed. Others see them as occasional allies of convenience and will make deals as and when they see fit. Still others study them and their technology as a means to gain advantage for Humanity. Whatever their methods, all who work for the Ordo Xenos believe in protecting Humanity from the threat of the Xenos.

“From my research it would appear that the local Craftworld have an ongoing conflict with the Orks. It currently is a deadlocked battle, but if we come in on one side of it then we can help to crush the other. If we calculate the amount of force we need to bring to bear to win that fight, we can then send in additional resources once the battle is won to take out the surviving faction, thus removing two threats at the same time for minimal human casualties.” – Interrogator Lhara Osgarov, Ordo Xenos.

Within the Tungusk sector there have long been issues with Orks, amongst others, including some native species unknown outside of the area. There are reports of an Eldar craftworld being seen from time to time in the sector. Details on the natives are sketchy at present, it seems that a lot of the records and information on them was stored in local Inquisition archives which may or may not have been lost when the Inquisition fell silent. They are known to be hostile and have some ability to hide themselves from us, though how is unclear from the surviving reports.

“Hmmm, it would seem from the shape and size of the vertebrae that this species developed to survive in much harsher gravitational environments than humans. In lighter atmospheres it can therefore become much more deadly, given the relative strengths involved. This specimen is in great condition, much more can be learned from a vivisection I believe, set up the lab and we shall begin.” – Aedric Blackthorn, Ordo Xenos Inquisitor of the Xeno Hybrid faction.

Good luck in the Tungusk Sector and remember what your purpose is there.

Ave Imperator.

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