Conclave Nova Tungusk

Be a light unto the dark, and sear all who therein dwell with your righteousness.
Be a sword unto the chains, and liberate Humanity from the dominion of its foes.
Be a shield unto the stars, and stand vigilant shepherd over the souls of the Imperium.
Where there is fear, bring order. Where there is disorder, bring fear.
Let none be found wanting, you least of all.
~The Tungusk Remit, issued by the Senatorum Imperialis 0.126.941.M41

From across the Galaxy, they make their pilgrimage. From the twisting, writhing battlegrounds along the border with the Eye of Terror, where Daemons cavort and madness reigns supreme. From the shadows of the Ghoul Stars, where Xenos empires fester like maggots. From the hive cities of the Imperium, where corruption and heresy abound. From every corner of Humanity’s eternal dominion, the servants of the Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition are gathering.

Their destination is Terra herself: divine mother of the Human race, cradle of the Imperium, the Throneworld from which the God-Emperor sees all. Deep beneath the polar ice of Antarctica lie the labyrinthine halls, libraries and dungeons of the Oubliette, the Inquisition’s headquarters, and it is to this tenebrous fortress that they have been summoned. For a matter has arisen that has sent fearful whispers amongst the High Lords of Terra themselves, and a conclave must be held to determine how the Inquisition – left hand of the Emperor and merciless guardians of Humanity – responds to the crisis.

The Tungusk Sector has fallen – its sector governor brutally assassinated, its regional Inquisition fallen deathly silent – and the High Lords cannot tolerate a sector so close to Sol itself descending into anarchy and heresy. They have endowed Lord Inquisitor Ollanius Wrathchild with the power to bring together those Inquisitors and their cadres that he believes are best able to return order and faith to the Tungusk Sector. Together, they will establish the Conclave Nova Tungusk and set forth to restore the sector to its former glory.

The challenge is greater than any of them have ever faced before. They are about to descend into the unknown; a sector plagued by bitter sedition, predatory Xenos and cruel Daemons. They have only those resources they can carry, and only their own comrades to trust. They will be forced to make terrible and impossible choices, compromise their values and beliefs, and place their very souls on the line for the sake of the Imperium. Failure will be written into the annals of the Inquisition, and threaten the collapse of Humanity’s heartland; triumph will be acknowledged by only a privileged few, and earn them the fear and hatred of trillions.