Early Years [5.323.687.M41 to 6.256.707.M41]

Ollanius Wrathchild’s parentage, original name and birth record are unavailable. The only certainty is that he was void-born aboard the Imperial Battleship Choir of Thunder, and it is believed that his parents were among the tens of thousands who died when the ship’s plasma drive was compromised in an act of sabotage local seditionists. Rescue teams succeeded in recovering most of the infants from the ship’s nursery before its oxygen reserves were depleted, but the data contained within its registry of newborns was damaged beyond recovery. With a cumbersome death toll, and no details regarding their next of kin, the Departmento Munitorum classified the infants as war-orphans and entrusted them to the care of the Schola Progenium.

Dubbed ‘Progenus 126-09’ during his transfer to the Schola Crixes on Ophidium V, Wrathchild was assigned his forename, ‘Ollanius’, by lot. His surname, on the other hand, was earned over time: as the child was schooled in the Imperial Creed and learned the craft of battle, he demonstrated a marked proclivity towards creative and merciless acts of violence against his fellow Progeni as retribution for perceived slights, iniquities and heresies. His record reads as a litany of disciplinary actions delivered by everyone from the drill abbots to the very rector, and it is only by virtue of Wrathchild’s equally ferocious intellect and proficiency in combat that he was not washed from the programme.

Nevertheless, when the boy grew into a young adult, and his classmates were assigned to the Commissariat, the Adeptas Sodalitas, or the very Inquisition itself as part of the Interrogator fast-track, Wrathchild was overlooked as unsuitable for all. Frequent and brutal disciplining had finally instilled a propensity towards militaristic discipline that, at the time, precluded him from service in any organisation other than the Tempestus Scions – the elite storm troops of the Imperial Guard.