The Jabberwock Hunt [4.354.851.M41 to 6.998.887.M41]

Wrathchild’s tenure as a Lord Inquisitor has not been without its hurdles. While his reputation remains that of an even-handed Amalathian, his propensity towards a brutal pragmatism has earned him accolades and condemnation from both sides of the puritanical and radical divide. There are those who look upon his often callous methods of manipulating events and individuals towards his desired outcomes – most notably his orchestration of the kidnapping of Sector Governor Volari’s family, the gassing of Hive Wotan by his command, and his infamous oration at the Yong-Han Tirade – as indicative of a deep-seated inclination towards either Monodominance or Istvaanism, depending upon whom one asks. Conversely, his ready resort to utilising the enemies of Humanity as instruments in his own schemes – ranging from The Principles Ouroboros to his hiring of Blood Axe mercenaries to extricate himself from the path of Waaagh! Zodd – have proved equally divisive.

It is, perhaps, tragically fitting that Wrathchild’s greatest defeat was the event that put his reputation beyond reproach. During the Parade of Rust, when the merciless Khornate knight Vuedekkhar the Bronze brought low three consecutive sectors in its seemingly endless slaughter, Wrathchild called together a group of Malleus Inquisitors to oppose it. Calling upon the ancient oaths of the Necessariat, the group summoned a fearsome Lord of Change – Ka’Badras of the Eighth Hue – and bound it into a Daemonhost that might vanquish Vuedekkhar. The Daemonhost was triumphant, and without Vuedekkhar’s ceaseless butchery to sustain them, Khorne’s legions dissolved back into the Immaterium, but catastrophe struck when the Necessariat attempted to banish Ka’Badras. For in the eternal machinations that make up a Lord of Change’s twisted, timeless existence, Ka’Badras had shackled one of the Necessariat to its will long years ago in preparation for this moment, so that instead of being banished the Daemonhost was sent far from the Necessariat’s control.

Wrathchild, as orchestrator of the Necessariat’s convocation, was called before a trial of his peers and presented with a choice: accept a quest of redemption to track down and destroy the Daemonhost, or be consigned to a penitent engine until the Emperor saw fit to free him of his suffering. Wrathchild invested the entirety of his extensive intelligence and espionage network into hunting down the Daemonhost, knowing that no Daemon with a physical form would be able to resist the temptation of dominion over mortal-kind. True to form, one of Wrathchild’s sanctioned cults alerted him to the rise of a new movement in the Lucerne Sector under the leadership of a powerful mutant sorcerer bearing the moniker ‘Jabberwock’.

The shadowy struggle between Wrathchild’s and Jabberwock’s acolytes persists for almost three decades, drawing in numerous other Inquisitors and frequently spilling out into the open in catastrophic collateral tragedies. Finally, on the Shrine World of Vendetta Munda, atop the cathedral of Saint Ollanius Pius, He Who Stood Alone, Wrathchild finally cast down the Daemonhost and broke its spine upon the flat of his Thunder Hammer. Yet as Wrathchild stood over his creation, having lost scores of his closest acolytes, and prepared to recite the litany of banishment, Jabberwock poured all of its infinite malice into a parting curse upon Wrathchild, damning him to never again raise a weapon in anger against an enemy of the Imperium. It has since been theorised by [Redacted] that because Wrathchild’s true name was lost at birth is, perhaps, the only reason he yet remains among the living.

Wrathchild was absolved of his transgression, and the costs exacted in his long struggle for redemption exonerated him from many accusations levelled over the past century and secured his reputation as a stalwart servant of the Emperor. Yet in private, Wrathchild proved a broken man: stripped of his personal retinue and rendered impotent by the Daemonhost’s curse. For several years, he retired to private study and struggled to rebuild his intelligence network in an effort to facilitate the actions of other Inquisitors.