Return to Service [6.998.887.M41 to 0.126.941.M41 (Present)]

Wrathchild’s oath of duty to the Ordo Malleus was invoked in 888.M41 as the Ordo’s chamber militant, the Grey Knights, marshalled a fleet to thwart the Daemon Skulltaker’s efforts to turn the dead planet of Birmingham into a Daemon World. Wrathchild’s previous experience with the planet’s ruined cities was considered strategically valuable, and while Wrathchild was no longer capable of his favoured front-line leadership, his presence aboard the strategium of the Grey Knight flagship Fire of Dawn proved valuable in supporting the Astartes’ purgation with the conventional forces of the Imperial Guard.

In recent years, Wrathchild’s focus has shifted primarily to testing the limits of the curse inflicted upon him by the Daemonhost Jabberwock. With considerable material assets at his disposal, Wrathchild has been able to provide support to numerous Inquisitors across multiple sectors and all three Great Ordos in exchange for their participation in his efforts to overcome its grievous limitation. In 900.M41, shortly after the Battle of Carrion Deep demonstrated the grim threat to the Imperium posed by the newly resurgent Necrons, Wrathchild placed a considerable sum of his political influence behind a radical sect of the Ordo Xenos who sought to investigate their arcane technology for applications of use to the Inquisition. The investigation culminated in a raid upon the dead world of Sebboleth, during which operatives of Inquisitors [Redacted] secured a device supposedly capable, if the limited research into the Necron species is to be believed, of wrecking incomparable devastation to entities in Necron mythology comparable to the mightiest of Daemonkind. Wrathchild currently funds a heavily guarded examination of the device’s properties, collaborated upon by both Inquisitorial Xenologists and Tech-Magi from the Esoteric Order of Jove.

Wrathchild’s ‘Project Iconoclast’ is, however, only one of the multiple strands he is pursuing in his efforts to find a practicable loophole to his curse. Also in conjunction with the Ordo Xenos, he is supporting research into the Eldar Black Library, financing projects to better understand the drone technology of the upstart Tau, and even providing choice cult artefacts for trade with the malignant residents of the Dark City. Amongst the Ordos Hereticus and Malleus, his activities are arguably less concerning: providing materiel to a veritable army of Inquisitors in the hunt for a litany of Imperial relics: one of the last copies of the Book of True Names, the Mourning Chalice, the Conciliator’s Ark, the Spear of Doom and [Redacted].