Scion of the Vipers [6.256.707.M41 to 5.712.761.M41]

Wrathchild was attached to the Volgen 117 – the ‘Vipers’, as they had been known for centuries, due to their focus on lightning raids against vital enemy targets. During his five decade career as a Scion, Wrathchild served alongside almost every military arm of the Imperium in campaigns across the galaxy, with the Volgen Vipers’ most notable engagements being:

Lord Cromvael’s Indiscretion – One of Wrathchild’s first major engagements, the Volgen Vipers were dispatched as part of a larger Imperial Guard task force to assist Gattaka Solus’ PDF in defending against a rash of Dark Eldar raids. During the campaign, it emerged that the planet’s governor, the eponymous Lord Cromvael, had reneged on a secret deal struck with the vile Xenos. As soon as the Vipers demonstrated that Gattaka Solus was no longer a vulnerable target for predation, they joined the PDF and the planet’s Arbites to seize Cromvael for his heresies, and awaited the arrival of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor [Redacted] to formally charge and dispose of him.

The Krovis Lamentation – When a library complex belonging to the Adeptas Sodalitas Order of the Quill was seized by a warband of the treacherous Thousand Sons, the Volgen Vipers provided the Order Dialogous with further military personnel in laying siege to the fortress. Urged by local Ecclesiarchy potentates to retake the library before its [Redacted] could be stolen, the Vipers launched a forceful insertion that resulted in high casualties for both sides, but catastrophic collateral damage to the library itself. Exemplary efforts by the Vipers above and beyond the call of duty to salvage whatever they could from the burning remains are, perhaps, the sole reason the Order of the Quill did not declare a holy vendetta against them.

The Castigations of Saint Suryss – The assassination of Wynnefriede Suryss during her first address as Cardinal of the Tovori Sector sent ripples across a dozen planets. Dozens of Arbites precincts, scores of Guard and PDF regiments – including the Volgen Vipers, enjoying leave on Sanctus Tribune at the time – and at least three Sodalitas orders took up arms to deliver fearsome reprisals against the corruption that the Ecclesiarchy condemned as responsible for Suryss’ death. Mutant populations were exterminated, political organisations crushed, countless cults exposed and consigned to mass bonfires. No one, from lowest worker to highest noble, was spared the righteous wrath of the faithful, and Suryss was canonised as a sainted martyr in the blood of a million heretics.

Tertiary Engagement at Orbital Gamma-Gamma-7 – The Forge World of Hargon’s Triumph once enjoyed a reputation of producing many of the finest Genetors in the Imperium. However, when a techno-organic virus escaped its laboratory upon one of the numerous orbital installations and sent the infected machinery crashing onto the planet below, even the oldest and wisest Genetors proved incapable of synthesising a cure before the entire populace, both biological and machine, was consumed. Unwilling to permit an Exterminatus sanction upon the planet, the Mechanicus gathered numerous Skitarii Legions, supported by auxiliaries from the Imperial Guard, to purge the virus and its abominable creations from Hargon’s Triumph. The Vipers were entrusted with securing [Redacted] on the planet’s GG7 installation, lest the virus seek to [Redacted] as the Mechanicus’ cybernetic warriors set about their cleansing with cold, brutal precision.