In Service to the Wyle Collegium [5.801.762.M41 to 6.122.783.M41]

Having shown promise in the combat of Humanity’s greatest and most vulgar of enemies, Wrathchild was commended to the the instruction of Lord Inquisitor Artemisia Wyle as part of her unofficial ‘Wyle Collegium’ – an extensive training school committed to testing the merit of numerous Interrogator aspirants. Wrathchild’s service was lengthy, and often precarious, for he needed to unlearn as many old skills as acquire new ones, but with time he adapted his military training to his new purpose and that, coupled with no small recovery of his childhood zeal for patient and creatively vicious retribution, eventually earned him his rosette as a Daemon hunter of the Ordo Malleus. Over the course of his training at the Collegium, however, he, like all other Interrogator candidates, were exposed to all three of the great Ordos:

Operation Baskerville – Serving as part of a dozen-strong attaché to the noted Xenologist Inquisitor Hyuzaki, Wrathchild contributed a study of Tau military tactics to an ongoing research observation project overseen by the Ordo Xenos in the Damocles Gulf. Wrathchild served with a strike force of Space Wolves Astartes during Operation Baskerville, and made extensive notes on the Tau’s aversion to melee combat. The Hyuzaki Dossier has become mandatory reading for Imperial Guard commanders, and several of Wrathchild’s comments have been selectively excised for use in Munitorum propaganda.

The Festival of Painted Roses – Whilst conducting an extended sabbatical for prayer and spiritual reflection upon Ceti Regular Alpha, Wrathchild and several colleagues were caught up in the Festival of Painted Roses: a month-long ritual of blood sacrifices and ‘cultural activities’. Suspicions raised, the Interrogators enlisted the aid of the planet’s Arbites and conducted a covert investigation of the Festival, finding it to contravene numerous articles of both the Lex Imperialis and Ecclesiarchal dogma. The festival’s organisers were subsequently arrested and publicly executed, the festival proscribed and replaced with the Night of a Thousand Cruciforms.

Maliban’s Labyrinth – As an affiliate of Lord Inquisitor Uriah’s, Wrathchild, and by extension the entire Wyle Collegium, were caught up in the vengeance schemes of Maliban, a Keeper of Secrets whom Uriah had bound in chains of diamond long ago. Consigned a twisted maze of crystal constructed by Maliban to reflect its century-long imprisonment, the Collegium were forced to secure the Chaos artefacts powering it from within in order to escape.