Siege of Marshelle [5.712.761.M41 to 5.801.762.M41]

Over fifty years of military service, Wrathchild rose through the ranks of the Scions, eventually earning position as Tempestor Prime, commanding a full company of Vipers into battle. His first engagement under this new mantle, however, tragically proved to be his last. The Siege of Marshelle was initially thought by Imperial Guard strategists to be little more than a tithe dispute, with the planetary nobility refusing to render unto the Administratum its due at the cost of their own luxuries. Nevertheless, said nobility had raised a formidable army against the Imperium of dissenters and degenerates, and with Marshelle being the capital planet in a vital trade hub, the Imperium responded in kind. Ten regiments of the Imperial Guard, two Skitarii Legions, a full Order of the Adeptas Sodalitas, and support from a dozen other military branches descended upon Marshelle as the wrath of the God Emperor Himself.

The Vipers were nominated for what was planned to be a single, decisive strike against the revolting nobility: while the bulk of the Imperium’s forces would draw the enemy onto the pollution-blighted plains, the Vipers would be orbitally inserted across the capital Hive City’s highest spires to wipe out the source of the rebellion. While the insertion proved successful, despite dense surface-to-space ordinance, it was the only aspect of the operation that proved successful.

The nobility of Marshelle were not merely covetous, pampered dandies; they had fallen to the Ruinous Powers, and were at the very moment of the Vipers’ assault completing a ritual to unleash all the variform hells of the Warp upon the Imperium’s forces. Wrathchild was fortunate in that he was assaulting a spire far from the epicentre of the Daemonic incursion, but in the retreat to their drop-ship, his company was slaughtered by emerging Daemons. As one of only a dozen Vipers to survive the operation, Wrathchild was swiftly disappeared upon the orders of Lord Inquisitor Stanislav Uriah, of the Ordo Malleus.

Lord Inquisitor Uriah had suspected the deteriorating situation upon Marshelle was more than a mere tithe-feud, but had arrived too late to prevent the Imperium committing its forces to the field. For days, Wrathchild was subjected to interrogation, excruciation and purification to ensure his soul had remained uncorrupted by contact with the abhorrent Daemon, and then he was subject to yet more days of the same, that Uriah might learn all he could of the arch-enemy arrayed against him. As soon as Uriah was certain that Wrathchild’s soul remained intact, he was pressed back into service under the Ordo Malleus’ direct command.

A mere week’s absence from the war effort saw Wrathchild return to an irrevocable rout, despite the best efforts of Uriah’s Inquisitorial taskforce, comprised of no less then a score of cadres. Wrathchild served alongside the Ordo Malleus’ own storm troops as the siege turned into a desperate extraction of the Imperium’s surviving forces to orbit, before Exterminatus in Extremis was declared upon Marshelle.