Master Hereticus – Lord Inquisitor Sabana Kovach

Both of Sabana’s parents were members of the Imperial Guard. They were killed in action when she was just a small child and she was given to the Schola Progenium to raise as they were both officers and their only child was deemed to be deserving of the education as a result of their sacrifice.

She was a cold child and took well to her lessons, though she was somewhat ostracised from the other children who took an instant dislike to her. They bullied and picked on her at every chance which just made her more determined. She went from being the slimmest child to excelling at combat by spending hours after lessons had finished doing additional practice. Slowly she built up more muscles and speed until one day when they came to bully and knock her down she put them on the floor instead and was generally left alone after that.

Her rigid self-discipline and the fact that she applied herself with a zeal that was almost frightening to watch caught the eye of her instructors. It was not a surprise to anyone that her testing revealed her to be an ideal candidate for the Commissariat and she was sent there for extra training.

Once again she utterly failed to connect with her fellow trainees, though this time they knew better than to try bullying her. Despite the fact she was top of her class by a clear way, her instructor took a personal dislike to her and tried at every opportunity to set her career back. The report he wrote on her at the end of her time in training led to her being assigned to a unit of Psykers in the Imperial Guard.

The Psykers in question were a somewhat volatile bunch and the unit in question had already been responsible for a number of deaths, including of some of the Commissariat when they lost control. Whilst she was still a cadet in the unit there was an incident where one of the more powerful Psykers lost control. The Commissar in charge of the unit was not fast enough to react and the backlash of warp energies chargrilled them where they stood. At this point the situation was deadly dangerous and due to what was going on there was no easy way to get  a clean shot on the Psyker in question. Sabana didn’t hesitate for a moment and charged in to get close enough to take them out which was when something very unexpected occurred. The Psyker lashed out at her, knowing full well that she was there to kill them but instead found that the Commissar-Cadet was still standing, apparently completely unharmed by the warp lightning that had just fallen around them. One quick shot and the Psyker was put down and the rest of the unit quickly brought back under control.

This did at last reveal the main reason behind why Sabana was so universally disliked by all around her, not only was she a pariah, but a very strong one. Her superiors quickly promoted her to full Commissar and put her back in the Psyker unit, after all she had a major advantage over anyone else they could assign due to the fact that she seemed to be completely immune to any direct use of their powers.

In the years that followed she gained quite a reputation for her adept handling of the Psykers under her care. They didn’t particularly like her, but she did her job and she did it very well. Her skills ended up coming to the attention of an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. The Inquisitor in question was hunting down a very dangerous Psyker who had taken up arms with the Archenemy that Sabana and her unit were facing. Hearing about her particular talents they requisitioned her to their service for the duration.

The hunt was long and quite brutal and cost the lives of a number of the Inquisitor’s retinue. In the end it came down to the Inquisitor, Sabana and the witch. Her abilities helped to fend off the psyker’s direct attacks so they changed tactics and used their powers to bring down the building around them. The Inquisitor was injured, but Sabana managed to get them both out alive.

At that point the Inquisitor was not well enough to continue so Sabana took up the hunt on her own. It took her three more days to track down the rogue psyker and the battle between them was fierce. This time she had made sure not to fight anywhere they could use the terrain against her and this time her blade sang true and the psyker went down permanently.

The Inquisitor she helped was very impressed with Sabana’s abilities and offered to take her on as a member of their retinue. She accepted and her time with the Commissariat was ended and she entered the service of the Inquisition.

Sabana had always been a quick study and she took to her new duties well. Here her abilities were actually more of an asset and the cold nature she displayed was of even more use among the ranks of the Inquisition than it was as a Commissar. She quickly made the rank of Interrogator and from that point it did not take her long to win her own rosette. Her previous work with the Ordo Hereticus, along with her natural abilities, led her in that direction and she quickly joined up.

While her primary focus has been as a witchhunter, it is by no means the only area that she has been involved in. Whilst her experience is by no means as broad as Wrathchild’s, over the short years she has been in the Inquisition she has helped to purge several planets of cult activity, assist in tracking down and destroying several daemons. She has not had much reason to be involved in anything Xenos related so far in her career.

Her first meeting with Wrathchild was at his trial for his part in creating the Daemonhost. Sabana was chosen for the judging panel based on people’s impressions of her. A group within the Ordo Hereticus were gunning to take Wrathchild down for his part in the Midnight War and saw this trial as the perfect opportunity to remove a rival, one way or another. It was assumed that the Puritan Witchhunter would back this plan. Unfortunately for them they had misjudged Sabana. She took an entirely logical approach to the whole thing and judged Wrathchild based on what he did, why he did it and the best means they had for bringing the matter to a close and dealing with what he helped create. The evidence presented suggested to her that Wrathchild would likely be the best agent to take down the Daemonhost and thus made the suggestion that he be offered that as an alternative to the penitence engine.

The decision she made did cause some consternation amongst her fellows in the Ordo Hereticus who saw it as something of a betrayal. Her reasoning proved to be quite correct in the end as Wrathchild’s pursuit of the daemonhost was ultimately a success, at least for the most part.

For Wrathchild’s part, he was curious as to why she would have defended him as she did, her explanation was that it seemed to be the logical choice in that particular situation. They needed to have the daemonhost dealt with and there was no one else who had the knowledge or skill necessary who could deal with it immediately. From what he had said in his defence in regards to his motivations at the time she did not believe him to be a lost cause and so a chance to redeem his action seemed the right move to make.

Kovach’s Philosophical Affiliations

A very moderate member of the Logicians. Her viewpoint is generally based on cold, logical reasoning. Whilst she herself does not think that the steps towards radicalism are worthwhile, if someone can give her a chain of logic to support their reasoning she is willing to accept their actions in a way most would struggle to.

She can understand the cold reason that makes the Imperium accept the Navigators and Psykers as a necessary evil and even though it is expected that she hates Psykers, does not actually seem to do so. She is as cold towards them as to any others and as long as they are fulfilling their function has no problem working with them, though the reverse cannot be said to be true as the nature of what she is makes them deeply uncomfortable at best around her.

Whatever the methods, even those she dislikes, she does merit results and competence over anything else. A Monodominant who tramples over everything to achieve a goal and does what they set out to will meet with her approval, as will a Radical who uses the powers of the enemy against them.