Master Malleus – Lord Inquisitor Morgyr Camulos

Camulos has lived longer than most men or women in history, a Post-Terran Methuselah, and barring members of the Mechanicus and Navigator Houses, he is likely one of the most ancient humans in this or any neighbouring Sector. His history, even in passing detail, would fill a book – his life’s story in close scrutiny would fill a library shelf. What follows, then, is but the briefest oversight of the most pivotal events and passages of his past.

He was, all those centuries ago, originally a Hive Ganger – a fact that few who discover it can scarcely believe, though Camulos makes no attempt to keep the matter hidden. He knows that all those who serve the Inquisition began as something else.

Camulos began life on the now desolate Hive World of Avalarch’s Rest, in the Spire Ava Primus, to low born parents he can barely remember. His mother might have been a prostitute, and his father a Hive Ganger himself, but Camulos has only the barest memories of either of those two individuals. They both died young, as is common for Low Hivers, before either of them were out of their teenage years. Camulos was raised by his aunts and uncles – few of whom he remembers well either, for most met the same fates as his deceased parents.

What Camulos remembers is that he always had a gun in his hand. He could fire a pistol before he could properly talk, and he was no slow child. The gun was life, within Ava Primus, and all men, women and children learned to shoot there, or they made their peace with the idea that they would die even younger than the average citizen of that foul place. By six he had followed the footsteps of his father and older sisters, and entered his life as a Hive Ganger.

Camulos joined a Soldality of ‘guns for hire’ known as the New Hallionberg Sainters – individuals of great ballistic skill, even among the Hive Gangers of their Spire. The gang was dedicated to both their service to the Imperium, and their persecution of the mutant menaces that regularly seeped up from the very lowest levels of their ancient Hive Spire… and the even more blighted Underhive beneath that. They received protection monies from all but the most poor – and mighty – of the other residents and gangs of their Hive Level, and in return they offered a reliable defense against the mutated menaces that plagued their lives. The then 17 year old Camulos was a pistol duelist of prodigious skill – a man with an excellent aim, and a fierce determination to not only be great, but to be truly magnificent. He rose through the ranks of the Sainters with a decisive speed, ending up in the upper echelons of the organisations by only his late teens… when he came to the attention of the Inquisition.

Camulos’ Inductor Inquisitor – Ulrich el Vogt of the Ordo Malleus – utilised the Hive Gang along with two others as additional firepower and muscle on a series of raids against subtle, dangerous, and well-armed Heretic Cults in the mid levels of Ava Primus. The hidden Cults had grown fat and strong in the deep shadows of their world, becoming successively more powerful with each generation that their true danger was marginalised and over-looked by the ruling body of their world. No longer; Vogt had assembled a vast force to combat the Heresy, avoiding Avalarch’s PDF, whom he considered to be beyond recovery, or trust.

The raids themselves were full of collateral and destruction, so violent that they almost defied definition as ‘covert’ action. When the final shot had been fired, and the final Heretic had died writhing in the dirt, the bloodied Gangs celebrated, collected their payments, and assembled to return to their Hive Level… all of them except Camulos. Impressed by the pistol virtuoso’s skill, drive and ‘low cunning and base intelligence’, Vogt recruited the Ganger into his personal Retinue as he was preparing to enter the lengthy ‘Cleaning House’ period that comes after the culmination of any investigation. Camulos was outraged at the dictate – with the Sainters so low in number, his own promotion within the Hive Gang was certain.

But Vogt had spoken, and the Dictates of the Inquisition are inviolate.

For almost a decade, Camulos resented Vogt’s decision to recruit him, before he finally came to accept his new life. The honour of the duty, the expansion and growth it had afforded him, and to the least extent, the life it had allowed him to lead in Service to the Throne. He truly embraced his role as an Operative, and give himself fully to the Inquisition. After another decade and a half fighting and investigating under oath to the Inquisition, and Camulos advanced to serve as Vogt’s Interrogator. With such recognition placed upon him, his eventual Ascendancy to the full rank of Inquisitor was just a matter of time, and the continued discharge of his duties in his usual exemplary manner.

Camulos first crossed paths with Grandmaster Wrathchild centuries after his Ascension to Inquisitor, at the end of the infamous, (literally) accursed conclusion of the Jabberwock Hunt, when the younger Inquisitor had been all but shattered by the soul-torturing costs and consequences of the great investigation. Wrathchild found himself a shadow of the man that he had once been, lost within the void between himself and his duty. He needed a source of counsel, a mentor for new lessons and angles that could be learned… and also a confessor, to salve and lessen the wounds that he struggled under.

It was with Camulos’ aid that Wrathchild found himself again. It was only natural that when the Grandmaster prepared to undertake one of his most complex Inquisitorial actions, that Wrathchild would again call on Camulos for assistance.

Camulos remains for Wrathchild a figure of counsel, confession, and caution. The ancient Inquisitor embodies many of the traits that an Operative should stride to be, but he also houses many of the shortcomings that they should avoid nurturing within themselves.


Camulos’ Philosophical Affiliations

Camulos is famous – or infamous, amongst Radicals – for his staunch, intelligent, and educated support of Puritanism. He has never, once, advocated for Radical action in solving problems – believing that even stepping a single foot down the road of Radical intentions, ideologies, or solutions rapidly approaches the point at which an Inquisitor will no longer be able to tread back to the ‘right’ side of the Divide. Or, sometimes, to even know what the ‘right’ side of the Divide is. Camulos will not compromise on even the smallest of issues, absolutely cleaving to Puritan doctrine in all things. He does not employ Psykers, Warp sorcery, or Psychic methodologies; Blunts; Xenos, or their inhuman technologies; the Daemonhost, or Chaos sorcery. He utilises only the Holy and the sanctified, for that is all that is pure – and all that allows Humanity to remain pure, and human.

He acknowledges that Astropaths and Navigators are necessary for the continuation of the Imperium of Humanity, but he does not believe that these individuals should be allowed anything near the freedom – and power – that they enjoy, and thrive upon. Anything but pure humans should be watched vigilantly for the time at which, inevitably, they will reveal their true intentions. Or, more aptly, their true inhumanity.

Camulos has watched as for centuries his friends and allies have all – slowly or rapidly – fallen to the lure of Radicalism. He views himself, in many ways, as one of the few true Puritans in the Inquisition – for, eventually, all Inquisitors and Agents will be tested, and then they will choose expediency over the the hard option of cleaving to what is pure. Because of these, or perhaps despite it, Camulos will ally himself with Radicals to work through issues, for he understands that without such co-operation the Inquisition will tear itself asunder, and the Imperium will collapse without their vigilance and persecution. He does, however, watch such individuals with an extremely close scrutiny, and he will not allow himself and his assets to be involved in Radical schemes and plots. Camulos, certainly, will advise and counsel such efforts – but he will not offer himself, nor his people, up to the jaws of Radicalism.

Camulos is a Thorian by faction, and he is an actual believer in the potential for a sliver of the Emperor’s colossal force of will to empower an Avatar in His name. Further, he believes that the Emperor brings His close attention upon the greatest champions of His Imperium. Indeed, Camulos has faith that during the ‘Second Insurrection of Therros’ he was under the personal attention of the Emperor – how else could his momentous vigour, and action over those four days be explained without acknowledging the Emperor’s beneficence? Unlike many of his faction peers, Camulos holds that if the Emperor creates an Avatar, He will guide the Thorians to aid this individual – the Inquisitor doesn’t actively search out these Avatars as do his Thorian peers. Camulos will serve the Emperor fully, to the best of his ability, and the God-Emperor will bring about the action He wishes.

As he has grown older, Camulos has also gained elements of Amalathian Philosophy. During his long life, the Inquisitor has seen, time and time again, that the Imperium endures only by the continuation of the Adeptus Terra. He accepts that change is both inevitable, and something that can be an engine for great good and growth for Humanity, but he knows that any great change must be orderly and graduated for the Imperium to survive it. Everything in life works through a progression of smaller stages that makes up a greater pattern of evolution, and the whole is damaged whenever this is forgotten or supplanted.

Camulos maintains all of his views publicly, and is happy to discuss them – even at great length, if circumstances permit (which they often do not). Above, and beyond, all else is this truth: even for an Inquisitor, Camulos is not a man who trusts easily, often, or without good reason.