The Vipers

Originally Lord Inquisitor Wrathchild’s personal network of elite agents, named after his old Scion regiment, the Vipers have recently undergone a massive expansion in both numbers and capability as the networks of the Conclave Nova Tungusk’s three Masters were incorporated into their structure. They now stand as the Conclave’s vanguard – its scouts, spies and intelligenciers – whose sole purpose is to facilitate its mission to redeem the Tungusk Sector. They will serve as an advance guard for the Inquisition, scouting targets, conveying essential intelligence, and conveying operational teams to their target locations by the safest and most secret routes possible. While the Vipers are often eccentric, and stand aloof from the politics of the Inquisition, they are beyond doubt the most reliable asset the Conclave possesses.

The Vipers are portrayed by the event organisers and writers and are the in-game (and in-character) representation of this contact point as far as is possible, anyone bearing the seal of the Vipers is completely trustworthy and will not betray your confidence regarding in-character matters. If you have a matter that would be unreasonable to discuss with them in any circumstance, feel free to take one aside for an out of character ‘storyteller’ discussion.

The Vipers will accompany characters to off-site scenes and investigations and will often as not be one of the two storytellers in charge of running that scene. They will react appropriately to in character circumstances in these scenes – returning fire if shot at, etc. But are not there to assist you from an out of character perspective – so don’t expect a combat scene to be easier if you’ve drawn a combat-capable Viper.

The Vipers are still characters – while they are all Sigilite Agents (or equivalent rank in the case of Astartes) and utterly loyal to the Conclave Nova Tungusk, they do have their own agenda, opinions and attitudes and while they cannot be manipulated (to ensure fair treatment of all OCly) they can be interacted with.