Content Warning

We recognise that there may be discriminatory behaviours, language and activity presented in our work (which do not match the views of the ST team). Our work may be shocking or upsetting. Where this is done it will be the result of a thoughtful creative process. We will create space for discussion of these elements at our events pre- and post-event, and will make ourselves available to discuss such materials.

The content and delivery of some of our work may not be suitable for some people, such as people with specific phobias or triggers, vulnerable adults, and people with complex or multiple disabilities. Where this is the case it will be clearly indicated in all materials, and booking guidelines will be issued to ensure people can make an informed choice as to whether they wish to attend or not. This may include age limits, trigger warnings or other guidance. We will make best efforts to signpost such material within our events where it comprises only the minority of our events, and will not discriminate on an Out of Character basis against individuals who choose not to participate in elements they find upsetting.