Gender and Sex

Our Imperium of Humanity is both gender- and sex-blind, it does not discriminate based on these real-world concepts on a broad scale and all concepts are open to all characters. However to retain the feel of single-sex/gender organisations, we have retained the possibility for individual sub-factions to be of a single sex/gender. As such, any biased factions are open to everyone: specific Space Marine Chapters may be all female or all male (although the Codex Astartes’ approach is for mixed-gender chapters), while the Adeptus Solidatus replace the Adeptus Sororitas and operate under a similar protocol, with specific Convents or Monasteries operating as they choose. Specific historical changes to setting (such as certain Chapters being all-female) will be noted and are done for setting and thematic reasons, rather than to discriminate or prevent individuals playing within these groups.