Tungusk Sector

+++ Encryption Code: Inquisitorial (Superseded – DANGER) BLACK TIGER +++
+++ Encrypt Sequence: a34df-45gf2-234g-jjgd-HFDS-4231 +++
+++ Source: Unknown +++
+++ Subject: Tungusk Sector – Final Report +++
+++ “It was always going to end – in hindsight, that fact is so obvious as to be sickeningly hilarious. Build your industry on the broken backs of serfs, and of course they will lift their hammers in revolt. Maintain your dominion beneath the lash of generals, bureaucrats and priests, and of course the oppressed will tear apart the tree of governance root and branch to free themselves. Dredge a sector from the savagery of Xenos and the madness of Daemons, and of course the inky black waters of the void will rise to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. We are drowning, and those grim sentinels who might have been able to deliver us are silent. We must laugh at our own blindness, lest we be forced to hear the screams of everything we have ever known as it burns.” +++

Sector Governor: Currently none (formerly the Ivanova line of Czars)
Sector Capital: Mozgovia
Segmentum: Segmentum Solar

Located deep in the heart of the Imperium, scant few sectors from Holy Terra herself, the Tungusk Sector has been rotting away from the inside out for millennia. While its vast population, heavy industry and deep religious fervour has made it an indispensable cog in the Imperium’s endless war machine, it was only a matter of time before the obscene gulf between its ruling elite and their billions of serf vassals brought about catastrophe. While the former schemed in an endless, internecine game of politics, the latter were kept overworked and underfed by a system of virtual slavery.

For ten thousand years, the only two forces holding the Tungusk Sector together were the Sector Governors – the Czars of House Ivanova – and the Holy Ordos of the Emperor’s Inquisition. By iron fist and velvet-concealed dagger, both have warded away those who would bring about the sector’s downfall: the twisted Xenos that one laid claim to the sector, the abominable Daemons that writhe beneath reality’s surface, and those within the Imperium itself who would seek to ignite the millennia of resentment festering amongst its billions of citizens.

Yet even the Czars and the Inquisition could not prevent the sector’s downfall forever. Two centuries ago, after almost ten thousand years of vigilance, the Inquisition fell silent across the entire Tungusk Sector. For a time, their peers across the Galaxy thought it some great crisis, but one in which it was preferable not to interfere. All that changed when the Ivanovas were slaughtered in a brazen assault upon their fortified, palatial home.

Now the Tungusk Sector is spiralling into bloodshed and anarchy. Without the Ivanovas present to enforce order in the open, and the Inquisition to do likewise in the shadows, the Imperium’s various factions seek to further their own agendas whilst revolution grips the masses. And in the shadows beyond the God-Emperor’s light, terrible things conspire to take advantage of Humanity’s weakness.

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