Political rivalries between the new Voivode lineages, and those branches of the Imperium that have come to pull their strings, began to spiral out of control with increasing and alarming speed. Attempts by some to court popular support by lessening the burdens of serfdom were met with opposition by the Czar, which in turn led to strikes, rioting and an up-swell in recidivist groups. As opportunistic splinters of Xenos species and Chaos cults began to harass the sector wherever it was vulnerable with increasing brazenness, the sector Inquisition fell silent for reasons that remain unknown. While few even amongst the highest strata of Imperial society noticed their absence, it was nevertheless felt: the destabilisation of the sector accelerated even further, culminating in a brazen assault upon the Ivanovas’ Winter Palace by forces unknown. The execution of the Czar and every other member of the Ivanova line was broadcast across the entire sector via hacked astropathic relays – one of the last pieces of information to escape the Tungusk Sector before it went completely dark.