After Horus’ defeat and the Emperor’s interment, the Great Scouring swept across the Galaxy as the traitor forces of Chaos were set to rout, and the loyalist forces of the Imperium sought retribution. The potentates of the Tungusk Sector quaked in fear as the White Scars descended upon them, craving bloodthirsty vengeance for the ignominy of their siblings’ defeat at the hands of mere Humans, and thus began the sector’s Grand Pogrom: a rush amongst both loyalists and traitors alike to divert the Astartes’ wrath. Traitor sold out traitor in the hopes of being overlooked, loyalist accused loyalist out of sincere mistake or political manoeuvring, and for centuries the Tungusk Sector burned in the fires of reprisal. Out of the ashes emerged the Supreme Duchy of Mozgovia as the ‘victor’; led by the fearsome Ivanova Trismegistus Mozgovitch, the micro-empire prosecuted a supposedly righteous campaign of conquests and political witch-hunts that subjugated its major rivals, leaving Mozgovia and Ivanova the prime (some might say only) choices for Sector Capital and Governor respectively. Enjoying the favour of the White Scars, as well as the support of Mars and a still-nascent Ecclesiarchy, House Ivanova – adopting the matronymic of their matriarch – took up the mantle as Czars of the Tungusk Sector.

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