Peace did not last long in the Tungusk Sector, however. Centuries after Sebastian Thor’s sweeping reforms to the Imperium, and especially the Ecclesiarchy, religious tensions began to ignite sectarian conflicts across scores of planets throughout the sector. With the old orthodoxy and its deep ties to the aristocracy on the one hand, and progressives speaking out against the worst excesses of serfdom on the other, the sector burned for centuries in a fiery baptism. This ‘Kreshcheniya’ eventually forced the old guard and aristocracy to concede some small leniencies to the masses, but not before deep resentments were carved between the two, and dark rumours concerning priestly orders and blood sorcery spread through the populace. Worse still, this millennia saw the resurgence of the Yagai as a foul presence within the sector – emerging from long hibernation in dark space, they descended upon hundreds of unprepared, destabilised worlds to wreck terrible slaughter. Only through the coordinated effort of the Imperial Navy and Guard were their predations cut short – the former intercepting the Xenos’ fleets, the latter hunting down the raiding parties stranded planetside.