The early centuries of M38 were spent rebuilding the Tungusk Sector from two millennia of internal conflict. The reigning Czar, Piotr Ivanova, endeavoured to mend old wounds amongst the aristocracy by establishing ‘the Duma’ – an advisory council drawn from the sector’s noble families – but the move was viewed as weakness by both his rivals and allies. While the Czar was besieged in his Summer Palace, the Duma transformed into an interim sector government ruled by an alliance of noble families. Declaring the Ivanovas unfit to govern after the catastrophe of the past two millennia, the Duma governed for only a year before Czar Piotr rallied his forces and struck back. With close allies back in Solar Sector, Czar Piotr was able to call upon martial assistance from the Imperial Guard, Adeptus Mechanicus and Ecclesiarchy, turning the conflict against the sector’s upstart nobility into a risibly one-sided castigation. For the first time since its creation, the Czar exercised the power to strike names from the Velvet Book, and did so with the same merciless brutality he prosecuted his war against those who thought him weak.