Drawn by the resurgent prosperity of the Tungusk Sector, a vast host of Orks led by the vicious Warboss Bone-Parta descended upon the sector, intent to loot and slaughter. As billions of greenskins descend upon the Voivodates, a plan as callous as it is ambitious was enacted to withdraw the sector’s military assets behind a designated line of fortified planets – leaving countless systems and their populations to the Orks in an unprecedented act of scorched earth. By the time the Waaagh! reached the Imperium’s defensive line, its members were fractious and starved of materiel, but even so the campaign to exterminate the savage invaders was long and costly. In the aftermath, many systems required the appointment of new Voivodes to govern the resentful survivors, and only the lowest dregs of the aristocracy remain to fill the posts.

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